LIVING OUR CONSECRATION to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

What is Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?


     "Today, from every part of the world, I am gathering you all into my Immaculate Heart.  It is the refuge which your heavenly Mother has prepared for you.

     Here you will be safe from every danger and, at the moment of the storm, you will find your peace.

     Here you will be formed by me according to the plan which the Heart of my Son Jesus has entrusted to me.  Thus each one of you will be helped by me to carry out in a perfect manner the Divine Will alone.

     Here I will give your hearts the capacity of love of my Immaculate Heart, and thus you will be formed in pure love for God and neighbor.

     Here, each day I beget you to your true life: that of the divine Grace with which my Son has filled me, in view also of my motherly function on your behalf.

     I am nourishing you, my beloved children, with this most pure milk, and clothing you with all my virtues.  I am forming you interiorly and transforming you, because I am sharing with you my beauty and reproducing in you my own image." (Msg. No. 177, a-f)



      "Have you seen how so many have come together to take part in cenacles of prayer and to renew their consecration to my Immaculate Heart?

     By means of them, my Heart grows ever larger to receive in ever increasing numbers my more needy children, so exposed to dangers.

     From every part of the world, they are hastening to enter  into this refuge, which has been prepared by your Mother.  Here they become illumined by my light, strengthened by my action, comforted by my motherly love and prepared according to my plan." (Msg. No. 199, c-d)



"For this reason, you must become silent and courageous artisans of this general renewal.  Take into your priestly arms this poor ailing humanity and bring it to the maternal clinic of my Immaculate Heart, that it may be healed by your heavenly Mother.  You do this when you bring everyone, - priests, faithful, children, youth and families - to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart." (Msg. No. 428, g)



     "Why do I ask you for the consecration?

     When a thing is consecrated, it is removed from all uses other than the sacred one to which it has been assigned, and so it is with an object designated for the divine worship.

     But this can also be the case with a person, when such a one is called by God to give him perfect worship.  Understand then how your true act of consecration is that of baptism.

     The fact that characterizes the act of consecration is its totality: when you are consecrated you are then wholly so, and forever!

     When I ask you for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart, it is to make you understand that you must completely entrust yourselves to me, in a total and everlasting way, that I may dispose of you according to the Will of God.

     You must entrust yourselves in a manner that is complete, giving me everything; you should not give me one thing and hold on to another, for yourselves; you should truly be wholly mine.



      "From the time that they are consecrated to my Immaculate Heart they can no longer belong to themselves.  Their life, their soul, their mind, their heart, the good they do, even the wrong they have done and the defects they possess: all is mine, all belongs to me.


     My Immaculate Heart is a furnace of most pure fire; it burns all, it consumes all, it transforms all." (Msg. No. 13, f-g)



     "What has happened to you, my son, is the great and decisive fact of your consecration to me.  This act has been taken seriously by me and it has in itself the capacity of truly changing and transforming your whole life.

     With the act of consecration, you have put your life in my hands.  Now it belongs to me, it is mine.  I have taken possession of it and now, bit by bit, I am transforming it according to my will.

     Gently I will lead you to that perfection which is pleasing to my heart and little by little I will transform you into a very faithful image of my Son Jesus.

     I will give you a new way of seeing things: you will see with my own eyes.  Everything that is of the world will no longer be able to interest you; it will even leave within you a profound sadness.  You will say of these things: 'How vain they are, how useless!'

     I will give you a new way of feeling: you will feel according to my heart.  Thus your capacity to love and to suffer will become extraordinarily more powerful, because you will feel, my son, as the heart of your Mother feels!

     I will also give you a new way of thinking: you will think according to the Heart of Jesus and my motherly Heart, seeing everything in God and as God sees, according to the spirit of Wisdom.  I will give you wisdom of heart.

     Well now: the priests of my Movement must all be like this.  Because they have consecrated themselves to me, they must feel, see and think as I do, together with me, because I want to take complete possession of their life.  I want to transform it, and make of it an image of my Son Jesus, the First Born of so many other sons of mine.

     They must let themselves be formed by me, as little children, with much trust and abandonment!

     Then through them the light of the Gospel will shine anew in this world so full of darkness." (Msg No. 22, c-f, h, k-n)



      "If you remain in the garden of my Immaculate Heart you become my property.  And so no one can any longer take you away from me, because I myself am your defense; you should always feel safe.

     You must no longer fear either Satan, or the world, or the frailty of your nature.

     Certainly you will experience that seduction and that temptation which the Lord permits as a test to allow you to experience the extent of your weakness.

     But I will defend you from the Evil One, who can do nothing to harm those who are part of my property.

     Then gently I cultivate you till each one of you becomes that kind of garden in which, as in mine, the divine splendor of the Trinity can be reflected.

      I form you with maternal solicitude.  With my own hands, I root out from you whatever might, in any way, be displeasing to the Lord.

    The Spirit in  whom I am clothed is like a fire which consumes everything within you, so that there remain not even a shadow which might bedim the beauty to which your heavenly Mother wishes to bring you.  I want to make you a most pure transparency of God.

     And then I am strengthening in you those virtues which are like roots on which depends any possibility of your growth: faith, hope and charity.  Round about these, I am giving you, as ornaments, all those other virtues which have made your Mother beautiful in the sight of God.

     And in the measure that you open yourself more and more to the light of God, I am sprinkling upon you the balm of my perfume: humility, confidence, self-abandonment. 

     Thus you grow, O flowers cultivated by me in my garden, because you receive the beauty and the perfume of your Mother.

     Then, accompanied by the angels and the saints of paradise, and with the prayer of the souls in purgatory, I present myself each day before the throne of God to offer Him ever larger bouquets of these flowers from my garden.

       When you have become like this, then all the Church will become my garden, in which the divine Trinity will take delight in being reflected.

     The Father will rejoice to see the design of his creation perfectly realized in it.  The Son will dwell with you, into whose midst the reign of the Father has already come.  The Holy Spirit will be life itself, in a world reconsecrated to the glory of God.



      This will be the triumph of my Immaculate Heart." (Msg. No. 133)


All excerpts on this site are taken from the book: "To the Priests Our Lady's Beloved Sons", a compilation of 604 messages given by the Blessed Virgin Mary through Fr Stefano Gobbi of Italy.

Bp Donald W. Montrose, D.D., 1998
Abp Francesco Cuccarese, 2007