LIVING OUR CONSECRATION to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Update 05/2012

June 5, 2012



Dear brothers and sisters in the MMP,


Ave Maria!

May was tightly packed with activities; with weekends filled with events for the laity: (1) 1st Saturday Devotion (May 5), (2) MMP Annual Gathering in Bangkok (May 12-13), (3) Formation in Cotabato City (May 18-20), and (4) Cenacle Orientation in San Jose, Bulacan (May 26). And for the priests we had the Summer Retreat (May 7-11) and the Monthly Cenacle (May 17).


It was a tough month. I could not imagine how I coped with it as there were demands in the parish as well. Stressful as it may look, for myself the feeling was more of great fascination on how things were accomplished as planned. I could only recall Our Lady saying: “Have confidence because I will be at your side in an extraordinary way to help you to fulfill my plan to the very last detail” (182 g).  


Another big surprise was my recent transfer to the Holy Family Parish. It was totally unexpected as it was only four months since our reshuffle. At that time, too, plans were all set to take off. But, clearly, it was the Will of God: arranged according to her maternal plan and a gift of her most particular predilection (284 e). Fiat!  


1st Saturday Devotion  (May 5)     

Launched last April on Holy Saturday, the 1st Saturday Devotion was carried on by the parishioners of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Project 8, Quezon City, last May 5 with a dawn procession and the prayer of consecration.  It was again held last June 2, and at the time I was no longer with them.  This is proof of their commitment. 

                                                                                                                                       Summer Retreat (May 7-11)        

The Summer Retreat for Priests was held in Baguio City last May 7-11 with 16 priests in attendance. One priest posted on his Facebook wall: ‘So intense and so life-transforming!’ Ave Maria!




Annual Gathering of Cenacle Groups (Bangkok, May 12-13)

This gathering was organized by Bro. Arnold and Sis. Letty, the MMP couple-coordinator for Filipinos in Bangkok.  Done in the form of a continuous cenacle, three talks were given: from one revisiting the Fatima messages all the way to seeing them fulfilled through the Marian Movement of Priests.



                                                                      Monthly Cenacle for Priests (May 17)   

The cenacle was attended by eight priests and six seminarians. (One seminarian not in photo)




Lay Formation in Cotabato (May 18-20) 

This was held at the Divine Mercy Center in Cotabato City. The theme was Message 547 d: “For the salvation of the world, I am making you precious instruments of divine mercy.”


Cenacle Orientation (May 26)                                                    

This was held at the Sacred Heart Parish in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.  A regular cenacle is now being held in the parish church with an initial 49 people in attendance.


 God bless you all!


Yours in the Immaculate Heart,
Fr. Omer