LIVING OUR CONSECRATION to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Circular Letter No. 5/2010

May 13, 2010



Dear Brothers and Sisters in the MMP,


I welcome you all to the newly installed website of the Marian Movement of Priests-Philippines.  We are formally opening this site today, the 13th of May, on the 93rd anniversary of the first  apparition of Our Lady in Fatima.  Our account on Yahoo Groups, I was told, started last year also on the same day, May 13.  This is truly our Blessed Mother's way of manifesting her presence, guiding and helping us in spreading her work.

Through our website, we hope to serve you better. Considering the many limitations we have in undertaking the enormous task of touching base with various cenacle groups nationwide, we hope to reach out to you in this way; although we hope we can meet you in person. May this kind of connectedness that we initiate deepen our bond and commitment to live our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  May it also strengthen our communion of life and prayer through our cenacles, uniting ourselves more and more with our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, with our local Bishops and clergy who badly need support.  Let us offer them our prayers and sufferings.

While we avail the services of this high-tech facility, we take seriously - with trust, humility and docility - the message of our Lady: "My Motherly action is the only thing necessary for the spread of my Movement.  It is my action alone that prepares souls to receive this gift of mine, that determines for each one the moment when this will be given, that gives a special grace by which my words can be understood and can produce in souls that marvelous reality which they express.  That is why I ask you insistently to support my action with prayer.  This is what I am always asking of you because this, and not technical perfection, is what is necessary for me." (Message 77, d-e)

Loud and clear!  We open this website, entrusting everything to Her and offering daily our prayers and sacrifices.  Like us who are inedequate and helpless instruments to carry out Her work, may this website be just a tool - "thus no one will say that this is your work" (Msg. No. 5,c).  The Marian Movement of Priests must be Her work alone, she said in the same message.  Through our weakness she will manifest Her strength; through our nothingness she will manifest Her power.  Ave Maria!

May the Lord continue to bless us through the intercession of our Blessed Mother!

Yours in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,


National Responsible

Marian Movement of Priests - Philippines